behind the scenes

Video, Edit & Photography 


2020 | fashion film

There’s real trauma in this collection, and Rae has intimate understanding of this not only physical distress, but mental as well – having been through two car collisions over three months, she channelled PTSD into something beautiful and lasting.

Directed by Jonathan DeMelkon

Produced by Ryan O’Halloran

Costume & Concept by Rachel Corker-Brown


The Last Breath of Winter

2019 | short film

Wales. A Boy spooks the lonesome fishing Woman. Amidst hostilities, she sees that he is hungry and teaches him how to catch a fish. They enjoy their meal that evening and learn more about each other. The Boy is put to bed in the room that was her daughter’s. He allows Raiders to infiltrate the cottage quietly, but the Woman is awoken by a skirmish and arrives rifle ready. She is stabbed in the throat and sees that they are all children. The Boy mourns and joins the gang in claiming the cottage.

BFI Avid Awards 2019 for Audience Choice & Best Film

Written & Directed by Aynsley Zane Jonhson

Produced by Ryan O’Halloran


Nice To Meet You, Florence!

2019 | short film

Nice To Meet You, Florence! follows the story of 17-year-old Elliot who finally plucks up the courage to confront his mother who abandoned him at birth. After trying to track her down for some time, Elliot discovers that his mother, Florence, works in a local improv theatre as an actress. Elliot and his girlfriend Piper decide to attend the show so Elliot can get answers to the questions he’s been asking himself all his life.

Directed by Rohan Reddy

Produced by Lucy Evans



Flogging a Glass Horse

2019 | short film

Hapless warehouse employee and Flat-Earther, Desmond Bodkins, is pressured into stealing a precious heirloom from his employer in order to regain his membership to the local Flat Earth Society. But with his first child on the way, can Desmond afford to risk his job?

Directed by Euan White

Produced by Max Bagshaw