2019 | arthurian films

Stage director Robert Raines finds his background of lies and controversy brought to the surface. We shift back to see the turbulent events leading up to an expository interview with the maestro, where his prolific activities are revealed, whilst following those around him – family, colleagues and victims. With his barrier of protection broken, truth will out.


Shot on C300 with Xeen Primes

Written & Directed by Will Ferris

Produced by Lucy Evans


2019 | kodak commercials

A Nurse enjoying the hand cream, resulting in funny situation.

Shot on Arriflex 16sr3

Directed by Stephanie Zapolska

Produced by Finaly Holdaway

Nobody Nose

2018 | employing george productions 

Nobody Nose follows the character Gary Smith, a senior perfumer who has lost his sense of smell. No longer able to work, and with a wife who can’t quite sympathise with him, Gary tries living a life without scent.


Shot on Sony a7s with Samyang Primes

Directed by Ryan O’Halloran

Written & Produced by Benjamin Robertson-Kay

Life Afterlife

2018 | deaf cat films
A young man trying to repent for his chance of a better afterlife.
Shot on Sony a7s with Samyang Primes

Directed by Euan White

Written & Produced by Max Bagshaw

Body Love

2018 | independently made

A young female finding acceptance for her body and mind.

Shot on Sony a7s with Samyang Primes